Dotnetnuke Customization and NopCommerce Development

The world of e commerce today is a very specialised and a very competitive market. There are so many providers which specialize in everything from FMCG goods to medical services to clothing to electronics and accessories.

For any businesses specialising in a niche filed in e-commerce, it is an absolute prerogative to cut through the noise. One of the important aspects in cutting through the noise is to have the content updated and the web portal and apps ready to go at a quick notice. This is where the Dotnetnuke Customization for content handling comes in very handy.

Customisation of these services has specific advantages and some of them are:

  • More topical to the specific business that you have rather than a generic template
  • Better integration of the physical inventory side of the business along with the updates on the portal
  • Good integration with web and browsers apps
  • Scalability and changeability
  • Flexibility in design and look and others.

Even if Dotnetnuke Customization turns out to be too extensive and pricey for say a niche or specialised segment, there are other ways to get specific templates for the business and then make them work for it.

There are limited but great open source options such as the NopCommerce Development through which many of the UI customisations of the commerce portal can be done. This provides you with a template for a shopping cart or trays to get your items and then be able to check them out altogether.

Advantages of NopCommerce

NopCommerce Development has quite few unique features which give it an edge over many other options:

  • Open source so no regular maintenance fees
  • Based on ASP.Net
  • Quick to customise and quick to change
  • Easy integration with SQL server as it is SQL based itself
  • Easy to integrate into older web solutions running in you e-commerce portal
  • Belter flexibility and reliability in getting content in and also getting content off and many others

There are many other factors which come into play here and thus it is wise for your business to consider those before going ahead with any of the above mentioned options.


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