The applications of DNN Customization

The space of e-commerce in today’s world has grown extremely cut throat compared to the past few years. There are more business now which are into this field even though their specialisations lies somewhere else.

The current climate of straight to consumer applies to B2B sectors as well.  Thus, it makes sense to have a good maintenance routine on the e – commerce site that services your clients.

What to do to keep it flexible easy and transparent but most of all efficient?

It is very important for your e-commerce business to be able to turn around quick and also to have changes done and updates quickly. One of the best ways it can be done is through DNN Customization.

What is DNN?

DNN or dot net nuke is a Microsoft Dot Net platform based content management software that handles your data on the ecommerce portal.

It is through this software that you may decide as to what stays and what goes. DNN Customization is important due to some of the features mentioned here.

  • Highly customisable modules
  • Quick access to and changes of data
  • Flexible with automated functions
  • Is suited to all types of business

For example, the customisation can serve many types of Multi recharge software requirement for mobile and telecom service providers.

Some of them may be direct B2C or others may be B2B, but the template to use and give to franchises can be the same with minor changes on the levels and the monetary level they are getting into.

The field of mobile service is a very lucrative, competitive but has a lot of hassles with the handling of millions of user data that constantly flows through the network. One aspect that absolutely needs to be on point is the recharge network and hence for any company the Multi recharge software is a very important area.

Thus it is important that the e commerce services in this sector is properly handles and allows the business to grow and enhance itself rather than being bogged down due to technical impediments. The options mentioned above are god pointers to start.


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